Connecting with Catoctin Hemp allows farmers to leverage what they do best; produce the crop at high quality and quantity.

The experienced team at Catoctin Hemp will support you with a wide range of specialized services designed to make growing industrial hemp as profitable as possible. Explore the wide range of services available in the emerging industrial hemp market.


Rack Drying_Drying service

Hemp can come out of the field with as much as 85 percent moisture content. It has to be properly dried so that it contains less than 15 percent moisture before it can be further processed.

Field To Rack

  • Our aerated, custom-built racks hold 100 pounds of harvested material, allow for maximum airflow, and facilitate shipping and handling
  • Plants can be hung on carts or laid on the shelves
  • When the material arrives at our facility, our team will load the racks and document the information

Why Dry With Us?

  • 80,000 square feet of available drying space
  • Humidity-monitoring systems
  • Priority access to extraction
  • Consultation on logistical issues
  • Light-blocking curtains totally eliminate any exposure to light
  • Open roof venting for increased airflow
  • Heated floors help maintain temperature and humidity
Hang drying_Drying service
Hemp Flower

Our System

  • We ID and weigh each rack after it is loaded
  • Our blackout curtain system prevents UV damage, which causes terpene loss.
  • Air ducts for horizontal airflow to complement our vertical airflow system, maximizing airflow
  • 24/7 humidity monitoring
  • Rolling and connectable Racking system allows for ease of logistics
  • 20 door loading facility

Drying according to best practices will preserve the quality of your crop and ensure that your final product will give you the best return.


After the hemp has been dried, Catoctin Hemp can buck (strip) the biomass and put it into shippable supersacs. We track which racks go into each supersac so that the product can be organized and tracked from field to supersac. In order to address the inefficiency of hand bucking, Catoctin Hemp developed a bucking machine, the CH Bucker 1,000. We use this machine to do our bucking, and we also sell it. With it we can buck (strip) any amount of biomass.

We create a biomass that has a more consistent CBD content by separating out the stems and the sticks.

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Standard Price: $1.50 per pound
Price with drying: $1.25 per pound
Price with buying clones and drying: $1.10 per pound

Toll Extraction Services

Catoctin Hemp uses BHO extraction in order to achieve the highest quality oil that is as close to Full Plant Extract that you can get. We believe that extraction should aim to bring the most representative full spectrum product out of the biomass, and BHO extraction gets that done. BHO extraction also pulls cannabinoids out of the biomass at around 92% efficiency compared to a CO2 efficiency of 70%.

What to expect

Our extraction process delivers high quality, full spectrum oil. We maintain low temperatures through the whole process in order to preserve terpenes. Terpenes that are evaporated in the purging step are captured and bottled. These can be used to mix back into your oil or sell as a standalone product, the choice is yours.

Raw Distillate

The extract straight from our machine has high levels of cannabinoids and is ready for formulation immediately after decarboxylation. Depending on the quality of input biomass, oil can have upwards of 65% CBD. This true-to-nature extract is perfect for maintaining the natural flavors and whole plant benefits that are so unique to hemp.

Extraction Rates

Getting Started

  • We will run a Oil Yield Test for your biomass to determine how much oil your material will produce.
  • That oil will be tested for cannabinoid and terpene potency in order to check oil quality.

Tolling Details

  • Once an Oil Yield Test has been completed, and the customer is ready to begin, we will have your biomass delivered to our facility.
  • Extraction will be billed one week at a time (paid in advance) based on expected throughput. Any variance in throughput will be adjusted on the invoice.
  • Oil can be picked up at the beginning of the following week.
  • Payment is required each week in order to continue the extraction process.

Private Labeling

Using Catoctin Hemp to supply you with your own brand of CBD products allows you to fully maximize on the growing CBD business. With BHO extraction we are able to offer a full spectrum CBD product with a better cannabinoid and terpene profile than the traditional CO2 or Ethanol approach. We are also able to offer live resin CBD products upon specific requests.

  • Our labelers enjoy a fully traceable product, allowing for consistency and quality
  • Catoctin Hemp is always looking for the next innovations in the hemp and CBD industry, which will be translated to our private labelers
  • We do our best to reduce the hassle and uncertainty in launching a new brand
  • Our hemp is all grown in Maryland

How It Works


We encourage any entrepreneurs interested in private labeling with us to come out to our facility and take a personal tour. In our effort to be fully transparent and have our clients be the most educated, we show them the entire process — from how our hemp is grown to the final product formulation.

White labeling Tinctures
Hemp Lab


Whether it be tinctures, softgels, topicals, pet products, or a unique product; Catoctin Hemp has the ability to create any specific products that you desire. If you need a particular dosage or product, Catoctin Hemp can make it happen.


Have an idea in mind? Catoctin Hemp works with many experienced artists and designers, and we can help you make your brand come to life. We have many options in terms of labeling and packaging.

Oil Droppers


Upon artwork being finished and products and formulations picked, we will begin to make your product. All products are made-to-order to ensure quality and customization. Turn around times on formulation are quick so that you can begin selling your product as soon as possible. If any products are damaged during shipping or for any other reason we will replace it at no cost. We make sure that our lab and practices are safe and sustainable, and we have every batch lab tested. Each batch comes with a certificate of analysis to help ensure that the product is safe and sellable.