Until more stable seed varieties are developed and fully vetted, growing your industrial hemp crop from clones is more predictable and lucrative than planting from seed. The risk of poor performance resulting in lower yields or regulatory violations is higher with seed than with clones.

The CBD, or cannabidiol, oil extracted from the hemp plant is currently where the most value is. CBD is the plant’s concentrated liquid extract that is widely used in the manufacture of hundreds of items including pharmaceutical, medical, health care, and personal care products. 

At Catoctin Hemp, we have bred our hemp clones for excellent CBD production. As a Licensed Hemp Grower in Maryland with a 35+ year track record of growing quality ornamental plants, we identify, hand-select, and sell only the hardiest plants to our partner farms.

Higher Yield. Even seeds with the same parents have phenotypic variations. When you buy a package of feminized hemp seeds, the potential CBD content of each seed varies on a normal bell curve. We only clone plants known to produce  the highest yield of CBD, often getting 1-3% more CBD per pound than is harvested from plants grown from seeds of the exact strain. Three additional percentage points of CBD per pound of biomass per plant at $3 per pound means as much as an additional revenue of $9 per one pound of hemp at an additional cost of $2 per plant.

Consistency. Feminized hemp seeds are created by stressing a female plant into a hermaphrodite so it can pollinate itself. In practice, this does not always happen. Because a clone is an exact replica of its parent plant, we can be sure that it is derived from a healthy plant that is certified and tested for quality and consistency.

Uniformity. Plants grown from clones have significantly lower variation among plants than is currently available with plants grown from seed. Because this uniformity among plants makes crop management and harvesting simpler and more streamlined, it is especially valuable to large-acreage operations.

Decreased Chance of Hermaphroditism. Since clones initially are all female plants, the risk of developing male plants, or hermaphrodites (a female plant that produces male flowers) is greatly reduced.

Availability. Whether you want to plant early or late, Catoctin Hemp can fill your needs. Orders for clones must be placed ahead of time and will be ready on the date you request.

Access. Farmers who buy clones from us are given priority in our drying and extraction facilities.



Our Clones Strains:

Strain Expected
Wife 24:1
B 25:1
Franklin 30:1
Sweetened 33:1
Stout 28:1


Plant Quantity
(50 Count Tray)
December –
February –
April May – June
2,000 – 10,000 $2.16 $2.22 $2.28 $2.50
10,001 – 25,000 $2.05 $2.11 $2.17 $2.28
25,001 – 50,000 $2.00 $2.05 $2.11 $2.22
50,001 – 100,000 $1.94 $2.00 $2.05 $2.16
+100,000 $1.89 $1.94 $2.00 $2.10

Prices of clones are determined by quantity ordered and date. To lock in a certain price, a 20% deposit must be put down on the full quantity you wish to purchase. Full payment is required before clones are shipped.

Premium Strains:

Our premium strains have the highest CBD to THC ratio, with some being proprietary strains that are being introduced this year. Quantity is limited.


Crude oil overview

Catoctin Hemp produces a premium winterized (Precipitated) crude oil. Our oil is thoroughly decarboxylated before shipping. Crude oil consists of CBD, other cannabinoids, Terpenes, proteins, and other plant material. 


Cannabinoids, including CBD, interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which has the potential to have therapeutic benefits to many common ailments. CBD binds to enzymes CB1 and CB2, which are found on the cell membrane, and it interacts with the endocannabinoid system to regulate homeostasis. 

Extraction Method

BHO extraction extracts the fullest profile of cannabinoids, giving the best crude oil profile available. Not only is BHO more efficient in cannabinoid extraction, it also produces a more pure oil than CO2 and Ethanol. Our oil is simply distilled and vacuum purged before being packaged for sale. Full panel lab tests are available upon request. 

Product uses:

Our oil is ready to be processed into any CBD final retail product. The most common products are tinctures, pills/softgels, and topicals. Other products include: patches, edibles, dietary supplements, protein bars, and soaps to name a few. The oil can also be added to any drink or food to be taken orally. Catoctin Hemp can also formulate products upon request.   

Bucker 1000

The Catoctin Hemp Bucking Machine was developed to enable farmers to streamline one of the most tedious processes of Hemp farming. The CH bucker 1,000 is rated to buck up to 1,000 pounds of biomass per hour. This is a perfect size for farms between the range of 15 – 100 acres. Most bucking machines on the market are either too large in size and are only affordable for very large scale hemp productions, or they are machines that are still not fully automated. Our machine is fully automated while still being affordable. It can be bought as a unit (Belts, Bucking machine, Shaker Table), or as separate parts.

How It Works

Begin by placing the entire hemp plant onto the belt that conveys the plant to the mouth of the machine. The machine has 2 sets of axles, one to strip the buds and leaves off of the stalk, and one to hold the stalk in place while the plant is being stripped. Once stripped, the stalk and biomass, now separated, will fall onto another belt. This belt then leads to a shaker table, which separates stalks from the biomass. The biomass is then dropped into a tote or bag at the end of the belt, and it is ready to be sold or extracted.

Why It Is Superior

Safety: Most of the small scale bucking machines require a person to manually place each plant stalk into the machine for it to be bucked. This has the potential to be dangerous to the operator. Our machine uses a belt to drop the stalk in and adjustable rollers to hold it in place while being bucked. This allows the operator to be removed from the direct bucking system, and it increases efficiency.

Efficiency: Our machine can buck as much hemp that can be placed upon the belt, whereas most machines require one stalk to be inserted at a time. Furthermore, other machines do not separate small sticks that can be bucked off, which can be a time consuming process to do manually.

Superior Biomass: We separate the small sticks from the buds and leaves, which gives a more consistent and rich biomass.

Simplicity: The machine was designed to make maintenance easy. Everything is geared to be run by one motor, allowing for easy diagnostics and maintenance. It also has a panel that can be opened for easy access to the rollers and brushes.

Pricing: Our machine is affordably priced, as our goal is to work with growers throughout all aspects of growing hemp, and not just bucking.