Rack Drying_Drying service

Hemp can come out of the field with as much as 85 percent moisture content. It has to be properly dried so that it contains less than 15 percent moisture before it can be further processed.

Field To Rack

  • Our aerated, custom-built racks hold 100 pounds of harvested material, allow for maximum airflow, and facilitate shipping and handling
  • Plants can be hung on carts or laid on the shelves
  • When the material arrives at our facility, our team will load the racks and document the information

Why Dry With Us?

  • 80,000 square feet of available drying space
  • Humidity-monitoring systems
  • Priority access to extraction
  • Consultation on logistical issues
  • Light-blocking curtains totally eliminate any exposure to light
  • Open roof venting for increased airflow
  • Heated floors help maintain temperature and humidity
Hang drying_Drying service
Hemp Flower

Our System

  • We ID and weigh each rack after it is loaded
  • Our blackout curtain system prevents UV damage, which causes terpene loss.
  • Air ducts for horizontal airflow to complement our vertical airflow system, maximizing airflow
  • 24/7 humidity monitoring
  • Rolling and connectable Racking system allows for ease of logistics
  • 20 door loading facility

Drying according to best practices will preserve the quality of your crop and ensure that your final product will give you the best return.


After the hemp has been dried, Catoctin Hemp can buck (strip) the biomass and put it into shippable supersacs. We track which racks go into each supersac so that the product can be organized and tracked from field to supersac. In order to address the inefficiency of hand bucking, Catoctin Hemp developed a bucking machine, the CH Bucker 1,000. We use this machine to do our bucking, and we also sell it. With it we can buck (strip) any amount of biomass.

We create a biomass that has a more consistent CBD content by separating out the stems and the sticks.

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Standard Price: $1.50 per pound
Price with drying: $1.25 per pound
Price with buying clones and drying: $1.10 per pound