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Our Story

Catoctin Hemp was founded in 2019 with the purpose of being a trusted grower, processor, extractor, and formulator to the Mid Atlantic. Like its parent company, Catoctin Mountain Growers, Catoctin Hemp is family owned and operated. Catoctin Hemp partnered with the University of Maryland for the Maryland Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, and we intend to drive innovation and research within the hemp and CBD industry.


Catoctin Hemp is rooted in growing. Bob Van Wingerden, the owner of Catoctin Mountain Growers, comes from a long line of growers and he grew up working with his father in the greenhouse. With more than 35 years of horticultural experience in the Mid Atlantic, the team at Catoctin Hemp is applying our talents to the emerging hemp industry. We offer young hemp starts for farmers as well as rooting seeds upon request.


Catoctin Hemp offers the post-harvest services of drying and bucking (stripping). We have a 80,000 square foot, climate controlled facility where we load and park our custom drying racks. After drying is completed, we are able to buck (strip) the dried material and seal it in bulk bags. We strip the material using our own Hemp Bucking machine which produces high quality biomass free from sticks and stems.


Catoctin Hemp uses BHO extraction in order to get the highest quality oil from the hemp plant. Our goal in extraction is to maintain the natural profile of the plant as much as possible, so that all the potential benefits of the plant can be available in the oil. Our extraction takes place at temperatures below -30 degrees F and we do not put our oil through harsh remediation steps after extraction. Our process allows for a simple vacuum purge immediately after extraction to ensure that the oil is free from solvents and ready for formulation.


Catoctin Hemp produces retail ready products for consumers and entrepreneurs alike. Hemp oil can be used in a wide variety of products ranging from oral pills to lotion. We can help you to discover which product is best for you and work with you to craft the perfect solution to your alternative medicine needs.

Management Team:

Bob Van Wingerden


Tyler Van Wingerden

Vice President

Blake Van Wingerden

Business Development

Carl Leonard

Extraction Manager

John Murphy

Financial Analyst

Julie Ifred

Head Grower

Jimmy Carmack

Farmer Relations

Bill Van Wingerden

Outdoor Field Grower

Christina Van Wingerden

Operations Manager